Elegance of Dior

French haute couture designer, Christian Dior has left a lasting legacy on fashion. Today, clothing, accessories and skin care products bear the name Dior, which is part of the luxury group, LVMH.

Borin in Northern France, Dior made a huge mark on couture by creating dresses that accentuated femininity and luxury after a period of limitation during World War 11.

He leaned about the art of conveying elegance through simplicty when he was employed by Robert Piguet from 1937 until he was called up for military service. For the duration of the war he worked in the fashion house of Lucien Lelong,

In 1947 Dior’s debut fashion collection for Spring-Summer 1947 was dubbed the new look. It focused on designs with bustier bodices that cinched the waist and then flared out, creating an elegant, curvaceous silhouette. They were a dramatic departure from the lean, pared down styles worn by women during the war, due to fabric being in short supply.

The New Look created by Dior re-established Paris as the global fashion capital after World War 11 and influenced many other designers over ensuing decades in the industry. His designs were sought after by royalty and cinema stars and the Dior brand remains as strong today

Dior passed away in Montecatini, Italy, in 1957, at the age of 52, 62 years ago this month. The couturier was succeeded by designer, Yves Saint Laurent, who became artistic director of the House of Dior at the age of 21.