Rocky mountain style hits a high

A series of eclectic garments featuring materials such as metal and paper were showcased at Denver Fashion Week in the Colorado capital from March 23-31.

Art, Fashion and hair were highlighted in DFW, which focused on emerging and local designers, national designers, models and boutiques. Hair looks sported during the week included ponytails, bangs, dreadlocks and neon tone. A special tribute was paid to Vidal Sassoon, an icon of American hairdressing.

The concept of flight inspired the 15th Paper Fashion Show, touted to be one of the largest in the US. Woven, braided, pleated, cut and woven features were reflected among a swathe of interesting wearable paper looks showcased on the runway during DFW.  A wide selection of vibrant looks made out of paper included designs such as ‘Sakura’, Artic extinction and ‘God of the West Winds.’

Jesse Mathes Metalwork opened the National Designer Show with models complementing garments with a variety of artistic and innovative metal collars in gold and copper tones. The five other national designers who showed at the Forney Musueum of Transportation during DFW were Freemen by Mickey, frnds of ours, Ammunition Couture, Steve Boi and darkmOth industry.

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